A great second Multiplier event in Riga

People attending conference in Riga.

The second multiplier event took place in Riga on 19 October.
It was a conference – “Easy language – speak to be understood”.

The Latvian NGO “Easy Language Agency” organized this conference
to tell about different ways of using Spoken Easy Language.

It was the second multiplier event organised within the SELSI project.

The agenda of the conference was very full.
It included a keynote speaker Ulla Bohman,
the Easy Language expert from Sweden.
She explained how Easy Language
can contribute to democracy.
Laura Vilkaitė-Lozdienė from the Vilnius University
presented the results of Work Package 3.
She presented the draft of guidelines
for the use of Spoken Easy Language.

The Vilnius University together with partners from
Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Sweden
developed guidelines for the use of Spoken Easy Language.
Those guidelines include advice on
how to make Easy Language easier to use
in one-way communication.
For example, in radio, audio books or audio guides.
There is also information
on how to make communication with people easier.
For example, in friendly communication
or conversations at work.
The guidelines will be tested
in Work Package 4 of the SELSI project.

At the conference, several presentations focused on
the practical use of Easy Language in everyday communication.
The Latvian Museum of Decorative Art and Design
presented an audio guide in Easy Language.
Latvian radio journalist explained the origins of the idea
for daily radio news broadcasts in Easy Language.
In addition, actors from a day care centre in Riga
shared their experience of performing theatre in Easy Language.
Easy Language users were actively involved in this session.
They spoke about the importance of their equal participation.

The conference was the first international event of Easy Language in Latvia.
This event attracted great interest from a large number of participants.
About 70 individuals attended the event.
In addition, there were roughly 80 online participants
from both Latvia and other European countries.
The conference was held mainly in Latvian
with simultaneous interpretation into English.
This ensured that all online participants had access to interpretation.
The conference was also filmed.
This will give participants the opportunity to review the content.

Materials in English and Latvian

  • ME2 Agenda
  • Welcome: Irina Melnika, Chairperson, Easy Language Agency 
  • Welcome: Agnese Logina, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Latvia | video 
  • SELSI: Project overview: Tatjana Knapp, Project Coodinator | video | slides
  • SELSI: Work Package 3: Laura Vilkaitė-Lozdienė, Vilnius University | video | slides
  • European Dimension: Katarina Ivanković Knežević, Director for Social Rights and Inclusion, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission | video 
  • European Dimension: Accessible Communication is Essential for Inclusion – Ulla Bohman, Trainer and Lecturer in Easy Language, Sweden | video | slides
  • European Dimension: European Accessibility Act and Accessibility of bank services. Jānis Mūrnieks, Head of Bank Citadele Private Banking Directorate | video | slides
  • Session with Users: Availability of up-to-date information in the media – Latvia Radio. Agnese Vasermane, journalist | slides
  • Session with Users: Audio guide at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. Agrita Pore, the curator of the Education Programs | video | slides
  • Session with Users: Theatre performance in Easy Language. Kristīne Klētniece, director of the theatre of Day centre | video | slides
  • Easy language in communication with students. Guna Ciemleja, Associated professor of Riga Technical University | video | slides
  • Easy language for communication in social work. Ieva Krusta, Director of the Association “Rīgas pilsētas “Rūpju bērns”” | video | slides
  • Closing remarks (Tatjana Knapp and Irīna Meļņika) | video 

Presentation at the multiplier event.

Sweets with the SELSI logo

User experience at the multiplier event


Contact information 

Scientific and organizing committee:
Irina Melnika (irina.melnika@vieglavaloda.lv)
Gunta Anca (gunta.anca@gmail.com)  

Coordinating partner:
Tatjana Knapp (tatjana@risa.si) 






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