The Work Package 2 of the SELSI project ended in April

The second Work Package of the SELSI project concluded at the end of April 2023.
It lasted for 6 months.
The coordinating partner of the Work Package 2
was the University of Trieste.

During this period,
we organized various activities.

We created a questionnaire
to understand how easy language
is used in spoken communication
in these European countries:
Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Sweden.
446 people responded to the questionnaire.

We collected many useful articles and books
for people who work with easy language.

We had a big international meeting
with over 100 people.
We talked about what we learned
from the survey.
Some people with learning disabilities were there too.

We wrote a very detailed report
about what we found in the survey
and what’s happening in each country.

All this information will be helpful
for our next steps in the project.

Work Package 2 reports
in Plain Language and Easy Language

The report in plain language in English

The summary of the report in Easy Language in English

Contact information for Work Package 2

Elisa Perego (
Piergiorgio Trevisan (
Laura Simonin (

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